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Our mission is to allow and acknowledge that fortune gravitate to men whose minds have been prepared to attract them. Those steps begin with looking your best. Often at times, we can trick the mind into, if not feeling our best, when we get up and form an hygiene with our body, groom our hair and put on nice clothes we will feel better. It’s called rewarding ourselves.

We don’t have to treat grooming services like an errand for groceries or to the cleaners. We would save those for a to-do list. To actually take in what we offer then you would simply need to take out time for yourself.

We are not just in the haircut business, we are in the business of selling an experience that will bring out an extra ordinary person with hopefully empowering them with a look that would be a cut above the rest!

We want men to leave our establishment feeling renewed, lifted in their spirits, of self importance, and a I can conquer anything mindset.

How It All Began

Having been in the midst of Salon talk, Shoe Shine and Repair Store, and in the back yards of Cigar shops, conversations were basically the same but the style and presentation was different. There were talks of familiarity in one environment, shared experiences of life by the unknown in another environment, and then the air of importance where only nods and handshakes were given while people spoke amongst those that came together. The thought behind seeing and knowing all of this was to combine all the aforementioned into one dynamic setting. Let’s not separate us by a service or two but put all that positive energy into one environment. Cutz and Cigarz is that place where distinguish men can gather for conversation and cigars while obtaining luxury grooming services.

Today, Cutz and Cigarz team has a simple and organic shared vision, that health is wealth! Taking care of one’s self from the inside to the outside. Through our culture of sky is the limit, we want men every where to have the confidence and integrity to excel in life and make every day count. What we really want is our customers to take pride in their appearance.

Life is about being in love with your life. When it prompts us to attend a task with regularity such as grooming services, the approach to it should be in the company of iron sharpens iron with a top-shelf cigar. Feeling and looking our best is a life-style.

We Also Offer Cigar Lounge

Information Coming soon on which location for services and sell of product.

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